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50 years of service, 50 years of guests, and 50 years of tradition combined with a certain modernity that you notice from the moment you arrive. A friendly welcome at reception, and your unforgettable holiday begins.

Being attentive to our guests has been our mission ever since our opening year in 1958, when Girardelli Augusto began the story that has now been part of our everyday lives for three generations. This journey is a dream fulfilled and shared with you..



Our attention to detail can be seen in a crystal vase, the scent of fresh flowers in the morning, or light from a candle, all creating a special environment. There are open, elegant spaces for carefree relaxation, alcoves for pleasant conversation, and a burning wood fireplace where you can enjoy a good book. Or perhaps you would like to toast wine glasses at the bar, relaxed on a snug sofa at the hour of aperitif. Our advanced well-being centre can restore body and mind. Dinner is ready, so prepare your taste-buds for a culinary journey through traditional cuisine, masterfully revisited with a modern perspective.

Hotel San Giacomo

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